Firmware not supported for ZTE T303 USB Modem

Today, I am writing an article for Firmware not supported for ZTE T303. I think you already know that nowadays, So people having ZTE T303 USB modem try to change their data card as they can not use other SIM in their data card. So they have to face Unlocked fail problems.

It is the fastest and recommended method to unlock ZTE by IMEI. You can unlock all ZTE T303 devices from any network around the world by IMEI. Once the correct sim lock code is entered, you can use all GSM sim cards.

To provide the unlock code of the phone, we only need only 15-digits IMEI. You can find the 15-digit correct IMEI by dialing *#06# on the phone or through the settings of the modem/router.

Unlocking the ZTE T303 by code does not avoid a warranty. It is recommended method to unlock by the manufacturer of ZTE.

The unlock code of ZTE T303 comes from the database of the manufacturer or network provider, which means it will work 100%.

Firmware not supported for ZTE T303:-


  1. Make sure that the computer has all the drivers. (The easiest way to make sure that your computer meets this requirement. To connect the modem to the computer and connect to the internet.)
  2. Close any type of connection programs like Mobile Partner or Branded mobile software. (Modem must not be connected to the internet, modem light must be blinking, the software must not be running)
Disclaimer:- Administration of Modemfiles shall not be liable in case of an unknowing change of the firmware update of your modem. Additionally, if you want any specific firmware related to  Huawei & ZTE modem, dongle, data card & router, then leave a comment, if it will be available then it will be published.
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