Download Huawei Unlock Tool by Malindaprasad

This blog provides Huawei Unlock Tool by Malindaprasad in the post download link Download Huawei Unlock Tool by Malindaprasad which can be download from the link which is provided in this post. Once downloaded, extract in a folder using unzip software files, and process as mentioned in the specific post. You can generate the unlock code from the universal master code calculator tool.

Huawei Unlock Tool by Malindaprasad Specifications :-

Manufacturer :- HUAWEI
Version :-
Model :- All
Compatibility :- Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
Files Size :- 112KB
Files Type :- Zip
Total Files :- 01
Last Updated :- July 16,2015
Create By :-
Downloaded Zip/Rar files extract in a folder using unzip/Winrar software, and procedure as mentioned in the specific post.
How to Use it?
  1. Install Mobile Partner or Dongle Software.
  2. After Compleat Instalation, Open Huawei unlock tool.(You Must Close all application related Dongle/Modem)
  3. Select Modem Installed Port.
  4. Click Connect.
  5. After Connect, Software show Modem IMEI, Model and Manufacture.
  6. Click Get This IMEI or Manualy Enter IMEI.
  7. Click Get unlock Code.
  8. It will generate unlock code for given IMEI
  9. Send unlock Code.
  10. Now Free to Use your dongle
  1. Make sure that the computer has all the drivers. (The easiest way to make sure that your computer meets this requirement is to connect the modem to the computer and connect to the internet.)
  2. Close any type of connection programs like Vodafone Dashboard or Branded mobile software (Modem must not be connected to the internet, modem light must be blinking, the software must not be running)
Modemfiles will not be responsible for the unauthorized changes of the firmware of your modem. In addition, if you want a specific firmware related to Huawei & ZTE modem, dongle, data card & router, comment it if available, then it will be published. All firmware files posted on the are free of cost and there is no need to pay them.

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