Bolt MF90 MiFi Firmware B08 (Indonesia) Download

 I purchased my Bolt MF-90 MiFi and have enjoyed the fast speed of this device and its 4G LTE connection. What I have been disappointed with is its coverage map and lock of mobility to other parts of Indonesia or to other countries. Consequently, I have been looking to unlock it. There is the dc-unlocker option which will cost you money or you could try a myriad of different free unlocking tutorials. Unfortunately for me, I had already upgraded the firmware to the latest B08 and none of these options worked for me.

This blog provides Huawei/ZTE, modem/router Firmware Update, Dashboard Update, Windows & Mac OS Supported Connection Manager/Dashboard and Windows & Mac OS Supported Drivers, this post provides Bolt MF-90 (MF90) Mifi Firmware B08 (Indonesia), which can be downloaded from the link which is provided at the end of the Bolt MF-90 (MF90) Mifi Firmware B08 (Indonesia) specification.

Bolt MF90 Mifi Firmware B08 (Indonesia) Specifications:-

Manufacturer:- ZTE
Modem Types:- USB
Version:- 2.0B08
Model:- MF90
Compatibility:- Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
Files Size:- 57MiB
Type of File:- RAR
Total Files:- 01
Last Updated:- June 26, 2015
Create By:- Www.Modemfiles.Com

How to Update the Software of ZTE MF90 4G LTE USB Modem?

  1. Downloading software updates Update Tool BOLT! Mobile WiFi MF90 v2.0 (B08)
  2. Unzip the downloaded file.
  3. Unplug the modem from the computer, remove the SIM card from the modem and add a modem to your computer.
  4. Activates Update Tool BOLT! Mobile WiFi MF90 v2.0 (B08) file.
  5. Click the button Update.
  6. Please wait until the complete modem software upgrades. The software update may take up to 6 minutes.
  7. After the update, reset the previous Mobile Broadband program. PCs with Windows OS Mobile Broadband software can be reset as follows: Click Start> Programs> Mobile Broadband> Uninstall.
  8. After the previous Mobile Broadband modem software reset is added to insert the SIM card into your computer.
  9. Wait until the start of the new software setup.

  1. Make sure that the computer has all the drivers. (The easiest way to make sure that your computer meets this requirement. To connect the modem to the computer and connect to the internet.)
  2. Close any type of connection programs like ZTE Join Air or Branded mobile software. (Modem must not be connected to the internet, modem light must be blinking, the software must not be running)
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How To Unlock Bolt MF-90 (MF90) Mifi Firmware B08 (Indonesia)

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